Ingfrid Breie Nyhus

Ingfrid Breie Nyhus (b 1978) performs folk music, classical and contemporary music at the piano.


She grew up in a folk music family, first of all with the pols tradition from her father Sven Nyhus, but also with harding fiddle traditions. She made classical piano soloist studies in Norway, Finland and Germany, and has since worked with solo and chamber classical repertoire, as well as a large amount of contemporary music, solo and in ensembles, also much engagement in new commissions. In 2015, she released a solo CD trilogy of piano music inspired by Norwegian folk music, which has been a special field of interest for many years. The last of these recordings is Slåttepiano, which is Norwegian traditional folk music for the first time on piano.


She has received several prizes for her performances and recordings, such as The Norwegian Soloist Prize. The recording ‘Grieg Peasant Dances’ was nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Spellemannprisen and awarded "Record of the Year” by the Great Britain Grieg Society in 2007. She was early found by critics as ”a virtuoso of timbre”, with "luscious touch and rich nuances”, being among the new generation of pianists "who really have something on their heart».


Ingfrid Breie Nyhus is involved in the field of artistic research and finishes her artistic doctorate in 2016 at the Norwegian Academy of Music/the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme. Breie Nyhus is artistic director of the Winter Chamber Music Festival in Røros.


Soundcloud: HERE