Mungolian Jet Set

Emerging from the fallout of Oslo's Grunerlokka club-jazz scene, The Mungolian Jet Set have built a new empire from the debris of musical civilizations both recent and long considered lost.

Led by Paul "Strangefruit" Nyhus and Knut Saevik, the Jetset have created a Sonic Laboratory at the heart of their growing empire, and it is from there that strangely beautiful and funky audiomutants issue, their numbers growing day by day.

Although their first release suggested a band hell-bent on producing the spaciest jazz ever heard, it has become clear that the Mungolian Masterplan is much darker and insidious, evolving to produce increasingly distinctive yet completely mind-absorbing beats to underpin a whirling vortex of sonic chaos, psychoacoustic bass warping and lavish and unbridled costumery.

The Jetset itself features a variable personnel, but DJ Strangefruit and Knut Saevik reside at the central hub, keeping a firm rein on jazz musicians, over-enthusiastic panhandlers, technocratic beat peddlers, trance-inducing throbmongers, Fallen Space Nuns, Europop charlatans, Hardcore Boppers, Bardic Word-spitters, Disco Dancers and lethargic Goldclad Divas.

Legends of their remixing skills abound throughout the known world and, some might say, beyond.

Defining a Mungolian Jet Set remix is close to impossible, yet the beat is what immediately lets you know that you've arrived in the state of Mung. They probe the track carefully, and locate the Mungolian zone within it, before shaking it into a trancelike psychedelic wormhole that snakes through the souls of disco and bucket brigade dub. As one commentator put it: "They could take a bargain basket flip-flop and remix it into a Jimmy Choo" ... The commentator was later removed for disturbing pigeons.

Yet you shouldn`t listen to them because of all of this.
No, you should listen to Mungolian Jet Set because

1. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise
2. The life of a small Labrador puppy depends on it.
3. It is written into the First Amendment of the New World Order
4. The Great Prophet Sun Ra foresaw their arrival
5. They are more attractive than Panic at The Disco ( but not as attractive as Heino )
6. They have the ability to modify the space/time continuum at will (and often do, releasing their "difficult" third album - Beauty Came To Us In Stone - before their first and second albums.