New Conception of Jazz 2016

Twenty years ago, the ever-surprising Norwegian jazz scene broke ranks in the shape of keyboard maestro Bugge Wesseltoft, fusing Nordic electronica and soundscape with the energy of jazz improv and the urban grooves of club culture.

Wesseltoft's signature debut recording marked a sea change in the perception of jazz in the late 20th century and launched the story of its parent label, the hugely influential Jazzland.


After 400 concerts worldwide and recordings by New Conception of Jazz (1996) and Moving (2001), the band took a break in 2006. Ten years after Bugge Wesseltoft now breathes new life into the project again – this time with a whole new generation of young musicians.


The audience can expect to hear both new and old material when New Conception of Jazz 2016 Edition enters the stage. One thing is for certain; it’s danceable, groovy and electric!


Bugge Wesseltoft - Keyboards, sounds, visuals
Marthe Lea - Saxophone, electronics, voice
Oddrun Lilja Jonsdottir - guitar
Sanskriti Shrestha - tablas
Siv Øyunn Kjenstad - drums and vocals






Photo credit: Anne Valeur