Kola / Vaage / Balducci

Jens Kola, Johannes Vaage and Stian Balducci have worked together within the confines of Punkt Klubb and similar experiments since 2014. Punkt Klubb is a monthly club concept based in Kristiansand involving performers in a variety of instruments and aims towards a different approach to the performance of electronic club music whilst keeping an ongoing conversation with extended jazz and improvised music.


Kristiansand-based Drummer Jens Kola has been part of the Punkt Klubb roster for a year, in addition to participating at the Live Remix stage at last years Punkt Festival, remixing Atom TM and Jacaszek & Kwartludium. He is currently active in several projects featuring different genres of music.


Guitarist Johannes Vaage is based out of Bergen and Kristiansand, working with in variety of genres and musical constellations. He has been part of the punkt klubb since its foundation and also contributed to last years remix of Atom TM together with Jens and Stian.


Electronic artist Stian Balducci operates across the boundaries of club-culture, improvisation and contemporary electronic music. Focusing on twisting and molding audio into new contexts, his sonic identity can be witnessed across projects. Currently active as an improvisational performer, with Gullberg/Balducci, solo under the moniker of +plattform and as the curator of Punkt Klubb.