Anja Lauvdal / Heida Mobeck

The Norwegian duo, previously working under the moniker Skrap, have during the past few years made their mark in bands like Broen, Skadedyr, Moskus, and as a backing band for eccentric indie pop goddess Jenny Hval.


Anja Lauvdal and Heida Mobeck searches for resistance within the eclectic in music. The music is as much inspired by jazz as it is by classical, hip hop and club music. The duo ignores all genre conventions, making use of popular musical sounds and melodies, field recordings and small compositions, and tying it all together with improvisation.


In the summer of 2016, Skrap created Antropocen, a commissioned work for Moldejazz. Antropocen was published in March as a full-length album on Fanfare. Besides the 14 people in the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra (who number among the most significant musicians from the Norwegian noise, pop, soul, classical and contemporary music scenes), contributors to the album include author and poet Kjartan Fløgstad, actor and comedian Hege Schøyen, as well as prolific artists like Jenny Hval, Susanna and Emilie Nicolas. The album received much acclaim for its eclectic compositions, but also for its subject matter of existentialism, the state of the world and our position within it.


Antropocen was followed up by yet another surprising turn, as Anja and Heida moved toward electro-pop, hiphop beats and the theme of friendship with their 2017 summer single "Marianna”. As The Line of Best Fit puts it, the duo "go about rearranging a synth pop track into an eclectic and unpredictable experience (...) it makes "Marianna" a glorious experience.” After a year of touring and writing new music, Anja and Heida are back with yet a new commissioned work for the 2018 edition of Only Connect. FINITY will be released as an album this coming fall, featuring prominent musicians like Hanna Paulsberg, Torstein Lavik, Kyrre Laastad and Hans Hulbækmo. Add the much anticipated new Skrap-album following "Marianna”, and the duo is set for a busy year ahead.

Photo/collage: Hans Hulbækmo / Heida Mobeck / Anja Lauvdal



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