Tortusa / Breistein

Tortusa / Breistein consists of Tortusa (John Derek Bishop) on live sampling, and Inge Breistein on saxophone. Tortusa’s last album "I Know This Place” (Jazzland Recordings) was nominated for Spellemannprisen 2016 (the Norwegian Grammy) in the category Electronica, and Breistein has been a contributor to critically acclaimed releases the past couple of years (Cirrus and Egg3). The duo released their album «Mind Vessel» on Jazzland Recorings March 2018 and have toured Germany, England and Norway since the release.

On stage the duo vary between playing improvised stretches and composed songs. Tortusa live-samples Breistein's saxophone and uses these recordings as his sound pallet for the concert. This creates a very spontaneous performance as most of the electronic sounds are recorded and processed live. Aside from live sampling, Tortusa also uses loops and pre-recorded material. Tortusa (alias John Derek Bishop) is a Norwegian-American electronic musician and composer from Stavanger, Norway. He draws inspiration from classical and jazz music, as well as contemporary electronic music. His compositional method is similar to that of visual collage artists. A cornerstone in Tortusa's production is the texture and timbre of sound. He searches for sounds that are out of the ordinary and play games with the ear. Tortusa's previous collage album of guitarist Eivind Aarset's was nominated for the Spellemann Prize (Norwegian Grammy).

Inge Weatherhead Breistein is a Norwegian jazz saxophonist, electronic musician and composer. He performs and composes music in a broad spectrum of genres where jazz, various kinds of electronic music, experimental pop and free-improvisation can be mentioned. His sound ranges from a warm round tone to more textural and hard-hitting expressions. Use of varied and contrasting dynamics is a clear feature in his playing.

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