Dark Star Safari

Dark Star Safari (Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Eivind Aarset, Samuel Rohrer) released their evocative, song-driven album in May. The 10 songs resulted from a two-stage process: an initial phase of free flowing open improvisation, and a subsequent exploratory phase where hidden potentials were discovered and nurtured.

The foundation originates from a session initiated by Samuel Rohrer, who invited Jan Bang and Eivind Aarset to the renowned Candy Bomber studio in Berlin. The session was recorded by sound engineer Ingo Krauss, who has a background from the famous Conny Plank studio.

During the second phase, Jan Bang chose to give additional shape and colour to the material by singing, a role he had not pursued since the early days of his musical career. He sent the sketches to Erik Honoré, who immediately was inspired by the potential, quickly wrote lyrics and provided the project with its name. Honoré also composed two additional songs, Mordechai (A Prophecy) and Fault Line, and thus rounded the project out towards a fully realized opus. The group continued this back and forth process, with Samuel Rohrer and Eivind Aarset bringing in fine-tuning and enrichment to the song structures and textures.

In July, the Dark Star Safari album was nominated for the German Music Critics' Award (Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik).


«Ten songs of suggestive power and engaging melodies. Loops and lyrics, man and machine; the end result is pure magic.» - Leipziger Volkszeitung

«Innovative and original music.» - John Eyles, All About Jazz, 4.5 / 5 stars
Photo: Camille Blake