HC Gilje: Visual music

Mikro is a series of improvised collaborative performances between HC Gilje (video) and Justin Bennett (sound) that draws its raw material from the immediate surroundings.


Gilje will use a microscope to examine and capture textures of the various found materials, which are added to a continuously changing video loop: new images constantly replace old ones. Organic, mineral, synthetic, processed: dead and live materials come together in a flicker bonanza.


The modus operandi for the sound in Mikro is inspired by and similar to Gijle’s video processing techniques. Sounds are created by manipulating found materials – metal, paper, plant material, stones, and other objects – to reveal their textures and resonances. Very quiet sounds are amplified using different kinds of microphones: miniature mics, contact mics, ultrasonic detectors, etc. The sounds are then processed digitally. Small memory buffers are filled with audio data, which is then ‘read’ in different ways: granulation, brassage, delays, rhythmical ‘step sequencers’ and convolution. Different buffers can send audio to each other so that feedback loops occur within the software as well as through the loudspeakers and microphones.


Mikro was commissioned for Dark Ecology 2016





HC Gilje


HC Gilje (NO) works with real-time environments, installations, live performance, set design and experimental video. Gilje’s main interest lies within the perspectives on how different media resonate within a space, both physically and mentally.