Myhr Antalova

Myhr Antalova by Julie Hrncirova 2Antalová and Myhr combine contemporary music, folk melodies and embrace the interplay of frequencies and sonority of the instruments used. Michaela Antalová plays a bass flute called fujara and a willow flute called seljefløyte. Fujara is a melancholic bass flute that comes from Slovak folk music that finely blends with the double bass' frequencies played by Adrian Myhr. Norwegian overtone flute seljefløyte is very similar to a Slovak overtone flute called koncovka. This makes it possible to compose new music that reminds of both traditions. For their new album «Zvony», the duo also used harmonium, multi-track recording of flute and double bass and field recordings of crickets captured in a village called Zlatno as well as a recording of a male choir from Šumiac singing a traditional song in four-part harmony.



Photo Credit: Julie Hrncirova