Punkt is the brainchild of musicians and record producers Jan Bang and Erik Honoré which started in 2005 as an annual «festival of the Live Remix» – a unique, hugely respected three-day music event taking place in Kristiansand, Norway. Punkt is a creative organisation that was sparked by a concept: the live sampling and live remix of music. At the heart of Punkt’s DNA is continuous creation and collaboration, with a shared creative ethos and artistic connection among its family of musicians and artists.

Punkt Festival
The annual Punkt Festival in the beginning of September is a creative community of like-minded musicians in an inclusive space, creating across boundaries and divides. With a distinctive programme aesthetic every year and a dedicated crew of professionals and volunteers, the festival is a curated mix of celebrated Nordic and international musicians who are attracted from the centres of international experimental music, from Brian Eno, David Sylvian and Daniel Lanois to Laurie Anderson, Thurston Moore and John Paul Jones. 

Live Remix
All the concerts at Punkt are remixed live, and the audience gets to hear the remixes immediately after each concert. In many cases, the remixers also invite musicians to interact with the remixes, making them a vehicle for continuous innovation and improvisation. The Live Remix process is explained here

The Punkt sonic ingredients of the live remix were recently described by Rolling Stone: «Bang and Honoré have specialized in live sampling, this is mostly their role on the stages when they play, sample what is played and give it back enriched and deconstructed, to strengthen or detour the overall sound of the band, and they decided to make it the emblematic sign of their festival.»

Punkt Editions
was launched in 2022 as an outlet for Punkt related music, artwork and writing. As an archive of two decades of sonic experimentation, as well as a future-focussed label and arthouse, Punkt Editions will release live and studio recordings from the vaults, as well as brand new recordings. There will also be audio-visual installations, visual design and book publications.

Punkt International
is a touring concept that sees Bang and Honoré take their concept to the world as a cultural export, but also with a view to bring creativity and collaboration back to the Punkt Festival in Kristiansand. Punkt has earned an international reputation by working with creative collaborators across 27 cities to date, including the UK, Finland, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Estonia and Japan.

Punkt Futures
is Punkt’s talent development and educational arm that will engage with next generation talent by delivering workshops, talent development programmes and seminars, often in collaboration with the University of Agder.

Punkt Partners

Arts Council Norway

Music Norway

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

University of Agder

Vest-Agder Fylkeskommune

Kristiansand Kommune

Sørnorsk Jazzsenter


Hos Naboen