Love Your Latency

“Love Your Latency” connects performers across geographical distances. Musicians in different locations are brought together in the same online virtual studio and presents the musical outcome in parallel performances. Parallel to the concert at Aladdin, the same, or rather a variant of the same concert, is held at The Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. Both the audiences and the performers are challenged by juggling multiple here-and-nows, prompting us to ponder questions about togetherness and the perception of time in different temporalities and spaces.

Line up for Punkt 2024
In Kristiansand: Michaela Antalová / Jan Bang / Ivar Grydeland
In Oslo: Torben Snekkestad and Lemur – Bjørnar Habbestad / Hild Sofie Tafjord / Lene Grenager / Michael Duch

Love Your Latency is made possible with support from Cultiva

Michaela Antalová

Michaela AntalováWith a passion for drums and a deep connection to the traditional Slovak flute fujara, Michaela Antalová, a Slovak composing percussionist and flutist based in Oslo, Norway, weaves her musical narrative by intertwining the threads of her roots in archaic folk traditions with a contemporary and improvisational approach.

Her percussive prowess extends beyond conventional boundaries, exploring the rhythmic landscapes of both traditional and experimental realms. As a trailblazer in the Norwegian music scene, Antalová leads the quartet Mikoo, captivating audiences with music that blends indie and experimental styles.
Collaborating with Kim Myhr, Chris Corsano, Inger Hannisdal, Atle Nymo, Mats Eilertsen, Helga Myhr, Le Quan Ninh, Ivar Grydeland, Lucie Páchová, Knut Reiersrud, Shbli Saleem, Martin Küchen and Bjarte Eike.

Torben Snekkestad

Torben Snekkestad solo giske 01Torben Snekkestad is a Norwegian saxophonist/composer/improviser who has gained international recognition both as a performer of new compositional music and especially as a singular improviser in his own projects and collaborations. Snekkestad has worked closely with some of the most esteemed musicians in the free improvisation scene, such as Barry Guy and Agusti Fernandez, who make up his regular trio. He has toured extensively throughout Europe, the USA, Asia, Argentina, and Russia.


Lemur 0774 BW Photo Anna Julia Granberg BLUNDERBUSS

Bjørnar Habbestad, flutes
Hild Sofie Tafjord, horn
Lene Grenager, cello
Michael Duch, bass

LEMUR is a fourheaded sonic organism that transforms, blends and breaks the boundaries of their instruments and the art of quartet playing. Drawing on their combined vocabulary from experimental music, noise, contemporary music and jazz, the four soloist appear as a conceptually informed composition collective and a tightly knit improvising unit.

Since 2006, Habbestad, Tafjord, Grenager and Duch have performed across Europe and Asia with different formations and projects, ranging from their regular quartet set, via collaborations with pianists John Tilbury and Sten Sandell, guitarist Stian Westerhus to larger projects with Caput ensemble and the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Their musical activities include a series of commissions in which the ensemble creates new works derived from titles and concepts drawing on the canon of 20th century modernism.

Lemur held a position as Ensemble-in-Residence at the Norwegian National Museum of Architecture in 2016, and was appointed to the Cramb Residency in Music at the University of Glasgow in 2024. Recent collaborators include Glasgow-based avant-disco hipsters AMOR, Zeitkratzer-leader and pianist Reinholdt Friedl, electro-acoustic pioneer Natasha Barrett and performance artist Kate Pendry.

Photo by Anna Julia Granberg

Ivar Grydeland

Ivar Grydeland photo Remi AngeliIvar Grydeland is a Norwegian musician, mainly operating within the field of contemporary improvised music. His main instruments are guitars and pedal steel guitars. Grydeland has toured regularly in Europe, Asia, North- and South America over the last 25 years with his main improvising ensembles Huntsville and Dans les arbres, as well as with the Norwegian artist Hanne Hukkelberg.

He has released and contributed to more than 40 albums with his main groups, as a solo artist, and in other projects on labels like ECM, Hubro, Rune Grammofon and Sofa – a label he started together with percussionist Ingar Zach in 1999. Besides his main groups Dans les arbres and Huntsville, he has performed on stage and recorded in the studio with people like Henry Kaiser, Paul Lovens, Nels Cline, Thurston Moore, Tony Oxley, Yumiko Tanaka, Tetuzi Akiyama, and others.

Photo by Remi Angeli

Jan Bang

Jan Bang photo Peer KuglerJan is a Norwegian musician and record producer, known from several solo albums under his own name and collaborations over many years with musicians like Eivind Aarset, Erik Honoré, Sidsel Endresen, David Sylvian, Jon Hassell, Arve Henriksen, Nils Petter Molvær, Sly & Robbie, Tigran Hamasyan and Stefano Bollani.

Jan Bang has since 1986 collaborated with Erik Honoré. Together they co-founded the Punkt festival in 2005. He is one of Norway’s most accomplished and influential producers and the epithet electronics wizard has stayed with him for a long time and with good reason. Bang is the kind of musical innovator and bridge-builder who consistently manages to balance progressive thinking with popular appeal. He is always looking for ways of moving music and people forward, and by creating new meeting places and musical intersections.

Photo: Peer Kugler

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