Punkt Live Remixes Vol.2 - Sidsel Endresen | Jan Bang | Erik Honoré


PUNKT EDITIONS: Renowned Norwegian musicians Sidsel Endresen, Jan Bang and Erik Honoré are proud to announce the release of their collaborative album "Punkt Live Remixes vol. 2." This album features live remixes performed at the Punkt Festival in Kristiansand, as well as live remixes from various international performances.

Sidsel Endresen has a rich history of collaborations that span multiple genres and formats. Her work has consistently pushed the boundaries of vocal improvisation, earning her numerous national and international accolades. Endresen's unique vocal techniques and emotive performances are a key element of this new album, where she collaborates with Punkt founders Jan Bang and Erik Honoré – pioneering figures in live remixing who bring their extensive experience and creative vision to the project.

The Punkt Festival, renowned for its groundbreaking approach to live music, has been a fertile ground for innovative performances and collaborations since 2005. "Punkt Live Remixes vol. 2" captures the essence of the festival’s ethos, showcasing spontaneous creativity and the seamless fusion of concert performances with live sampling and live electronic manipulation. This release not only highlights performances from the festival itself, but also includes select live remixes from the trio's international tours, offering a diverse listening experience that spans different cultures and musical traditions.

The Punkt Live Remix concept, central to the Punkt Festival, involves artists performing live remixes of a concert immediately after it has ended. This creates a unique and spontaneous reinterpretation of the original performance, allowing for a dynamic and collaborative exploration of the source material where the audiences witness the transformation from the initial performance to its re-imagined version.

"Punkt Live Remixes vol. 2." showcases a series of live remixes performed at various locations, with a diverse set of source material. The tracks include live remixes of the late Jon Hassell (US), prog outfit Three Trapped Tigers (UK), guitarist Eivind Aarset(NO), Ethiopian singer Eténèsh Wassié with bassist Mathieu Sourisseau (FR) and drummer Hamid Drake (US). Also included here are live remixes of performances by Estonian composer Helena Tulve, Icelandic composer and bassist Skúli Sverrisson, the Norwegian composer/singer Maja S.K. Ratkje and the legendary Ensemble Modern (DE). Recordings took place in Kristiansand, Oslo, London, Frankfurt, Paris and Tallinn. The album promises to be a significant addition to the discographies of Endresen, Bang and Honoré, further cementing their reputations as trailblazers in contemporary music.

"Punkt Live Remixes vol. 2." is produced, edited and mixed by Jan Bang and Erik Honoré, and mastered by Helge Sten. Cover photo by Alf Solbakken, design by Nina Birkeland. The album will be released this fall on Punkt Editions available on vinyl, CD and on all major streaming platforms.