Anna Linardou / Giorgos Varoutas

A duet from Athens, incorporating traditional vocal idioms and extended techniques with sampling and electronics. Bucolic timbres, maqamic tunes, concrete and futuristic ambiances create sonic landscapes of undefinable geography.
Giorgos Varoutas is a guitarist and sound artist based in Athens, Greece.
His main field of work involves alternative approaches to the guitar, sound design and the reinterpretation and treatment of voice and unusual acoustic instruments. His collaborations include
Steve Jansen, Chris Cutler, Ko Ishikawa a.o. He released his debut album "Chronostasis” this year on ReR Megacorp.
Anna Linardou is a vocalist exploring the human voice in all of its spectrum.
The multitude of styles she performs comes from the study of vocal qualities of modern singing, as well as traditional vocal idioms and extended techniques. Her collaborations include Andrea
Molino, David Moss, Wouter Van Looy, Haig Yadjian, Vangelis Katsoulis a.o.
Both Giorgos and Anna are members of Vault of Blossomed Ropes, Liminal Vanguard and Lüüp,
groups of the Greek experimental scene.
Photo: Stefania Orfanidou