Anthe is a new Kristiansand based group within the urban genre.  Having formed their sound in the studio over the last two years, Anthe can be described as a result of a new breed of producers’ collaborations with songwriters.


When Anthe is on stage, you should expect dark hard-hitting beats and crystal-clear vocals. Anthe’s distinct sound is the result of a mix between soul, R&B and lo-fi-hiphop where live instruments meet their electronic counterparts. Anthe consists of Ole Hagelia on live and studio improvisations, Andreas W. Røshol on beats and production and Iris Marie Gusfre as songwriter and vocalist.


Anthe looks forward to showcase their new material at Punkt at Vaktbua. Both Andreas W. Røshol and Ole Hagelia have previously played at Punkt before. Many may recall the spectacular remix of Broen from last year’s Punkt festival in which Hagelia took part. His unique creative expression, which has been present at Punkt for some year’s now, is well incorporated in Anthe’s sound.


On Stage At Punkt 2018:


Iris Marie Gusfre (vocals)

Ole Hagelia (electronics)

Andreas W. Røshol (electronics)

Ørjan Lægreid (bass)

Tibor Teskeredzic (drums)

Idar Eliassen Pedersen (trumpet)


Photo: Simen Løvgren