Rakel Nystabakk / Mette Leira

Mette Leira is a vocalist with a BA in singer/songwriting from University of Agder. Her passion for composing and improvisation has drawn her in many different directions, such as composing music for theatre, being the main vocalist in her own band, and performing vocal improvisations. Leira grew up in the countryside on the outskirts of Oslo (Hadeland), and the woods she grew up in may sometimes be reflected in her way of playing.


Rakel Nystabakk has a BA in electronic music from the University of Agder. She has experience in composing for various ensembles, as well as music for theatre, and is now about to establish herself as an improvising laptop musician. Nystabakk visited PUNKT for the first time in 2017.


Leira and Nystabakk met at the university and has found their collaboration to be inspiring and fruitful. Their music varies from ambient and quiet landscapes to more rhythmically driven forms.