J. Peter Schwalm

For years J. Peter Schwalm's compositions and productions have been impressive proof of the power of sound without words. More consistent than ever, on his new album How We Fall, he creates sound sculptures that transcend common categories.

From 1998 J. Peter Schwalm worked continuously with Brian Eno for six years, together they released the album Drawn From Life, wrote the soundtrack to Nicolas Winding Rfn's feature film Fear X, and gave celebrated concerts in Europe and Japan. Since 2006 Schwalm has been a regular guest at the Punktfestival in Kristiansand, Norway, where he distinguished himself and elsewhere as one of the few experienced live remixers, among others for members of the widely acclaimed Ensemble Modern.

In spring 2016 Schwarm's last album The Beauty Of Disaster was released. Artistically, it revolved around a duality that shapes the visual arts and music as well as life itself: a certain melancholy that is always inherent in hope. The American PROG magazine praised: "Schwalm's pieces are nuanced and orchestrally textured, with meticulously sculpted, cinematic sound design..." and igloomag.com summed up: "Precise, skillful production work originates a crystal clear sound that intensifies the emotional charms and atmospheric aura of the peculiar, eclectic musicianship".

Schwalm is currently working on a radio play for Hessischer Rundfunk, for which he is writing music and texts as well as directing.