Glimt is an experimental duo featuring horn player Ingvild Sandstad and Ieva Praneviciute doing live sampling. In the fall of 2017 Ieva and Ingvild started playing together. Their first public performance was in December 2017 in the basement of the Norwegian Academy of Music. Since then they have taken their music up and into the light, though they still prefer a dark and obscure sound landscape. By the use of the horn and live sampling GLIMT tries to explore the meeting point of the acoustic and processed sounds, where they meet, diverge and melt completely together.

Ieva Praneviciute has classical music background and completed her master in music performance at the Norwegian Academy of Music summer 2017. Ieva is currently based in Kristiansand where she studies Electronic Music Production at the University of Agder and works as a brass teacher in several marching bands. She is now working on combining different genres and traditions in her artistic practice and aims to narrow the gap between the classical and the modern.

Ingvild Sandstad has studied classical horn in London, Oslo and Paris. She got her master degree at the Norwegian academy of music in June 2018. She freelances in a wide range of ensembles within the classical tradition, from symphony orchestra via military bands to early music ensembles, smaller ensembles and solo work. In the last couple of years she has developed an interest in improvisation. Still performing on the classical scene she is now on a journey of sound exploration.

Photo Hans Jørgen Myrvang Ro