Drongo is a septet migrating somewhere between techno, kraut rock, and afrobeat. Centered around steady rhythms, improvisation and minimalist ideas, the music is
constantly evolving, inviting the listener to progress with it.
It started out as an improv rock/jazz act for fun, but soon evolved into a study of musical interactions. The first line-up was booked as an improv act at Vaktbua, and shortly after this gig they started working towards structuring their ideas. As time passed the line-up has changed, as has the style, drifting towards rhythmic minimalism rather than jazz rock chaos.
Growing out of the Kristiansand music scene, the members are involved with everything from improvised techno at Blå, live remixing Göteborgs Symfoniker, and playing noise rock in squats around Europe, to touring with some of the biggest Norwegian names in metal and working as freelance musicians. They share an interest in exploring ways of playing
together, experimenting with sound, aesthetics, and structure.
Auver Gaaren - Keys
Eirik Ask - Keys
Øystein Heide Aadland - Keys
Tov Espelid - Guitar
Nicolai Gill Johannesen - Guitar
Magnus Westgaard - Bass
Hans Uhre - Drums