Michael Engelbrecht: Desire Lines and The Disturbance of Memory - Time Travel with Sound

It’s an old saying that music is sending you places, great music to very special ones. We’re all time travellers when it comes to deeper listening. Nevertheless dejavues and old ways are all around us. Call it postmodernism. Distant decades even ring a bell when you’re listening to the most recent hot or cool stuff. But if we do follow our desire lines, we’re not trapped in the advertising of the extraordinary and canonical – we’re back on „boogie street" (from downtown to the wilderness). Our memory may easily skip from nostalgia to disturbance, from telling old stories to simply changing the stories. What has all been fixed in history books (or the comfort zones of your mind), is losing its power, becomes purely academical. In this slightly hypnotic lecture (beware of a trained psychologist and music journalist in a rather dark room!), a genre-defying collection of broadly Norwegian and British music spanning several decades will be placed in different settings and tales, from desolate areas at the Northern coast of Scotland to the fully air-conditioned studios at the RSI, Lugano.​