Musikkforum (in co-operation with NOPA/NKF): Norwegian repertoire abroad

Musikkforum: Norwegian Repertoire Abroad

The monthly seminar series Musikkforum is hosted by Norwegian Society of Composers and NOPA (Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyrisicts). 


How is the Norwegian repertoire played, received, administered, promoted and so on abroad? What really works and what are the major challenges?

Seen from a historical perspective, what oppurtunities may the future bring?


Welcome to a panel discussion with four distinguished people who have distinct and varied experiences with Norwegian music abroad.


Henning Bolte is a writer and music critic based in Amsterdam.


Kate Havnevik is a songwriter and artist.


Stian Westerhus is a composer, artist and guitarist.


Aslak Oppebøen is Project Manager for Music Norway, Norwegian music industry’s export facilitator and promotional organisation


Moderator: Torgny Amdam


Photo: Punkt / Nils Petter Molvær in Wroclaw, Poland.